Sean McConnell

Sean McConnell’s infatuation with music began at an early age when he would watch his parents perform on stage. Now, McConnell is out performing his own songs in various venues across the United States. His music doesn’t really have a genre, it’s just music that is good on the ears and soothes the soul. I first heard of him about four years ago, I was listening to a Brantley Gilbert cover of “Lie Baby Lie” and someone said, “If you think that’s good, you should listen to the songwriter.” So, I then looked up who wrote it, and found Sean McConnell and I was amazed at what I heard.

As a songwriter, McConnell has penned tracks for some of the biggest artists in multiple genres of music including The Plain White T’s, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Meat Loaf, Jason Castro and many others. Recently, McConnell penned a ballad titled “Shotgun” that is performed by pop-star Christina Aguilera on ABC’s hit show, “Nashville”. It speaks of staying strong with your loved one as you get through the trials and tribulations of what love is. As the lyrics say, “Love is taking turns riding shotgun.” This is just one example of how McConnell’s artistic ability can touch hearts no matter what type of music the song is written for.

A song that stood out for me while I was listening to a Sean McConnell playlist was “Old Brown Shoes”. I’ve searched for something that wouldn’t make me get teary eyed, but would make me smile and remember the good times I had with my Pop before he passed away and this was it. “I

McConnell has it all; amazing lyrical content, the ability to put you in a trance with a strum of a guitar string, and a powerful voice to go along with it. Do yourself a musical favor and check this guy out, after all, he has been writing some of the songs that you already know and love. Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and as always don’t forget to LikeRebel One Entertainment on Facebook as well. So for now, this is Ish asking you, Are You Tuned In?”