For Artists

Rebel Entertainment offers the following services

Artist Management
  • Each artist represented is unique. The focus is on each artist’s specific needs and direct their careers appropriately. We seek or create opportunities to allow our artists to thrive creatively and personally. Setting goals and strategic planning to obtain those goals allows the artist freedom to create their music and have it heard. 
  • Day to Day Management (The nuts and bolts)

Artist Development
  • Today's technology allows anyone to be an artist. However; despite global reaching, technology does not provide the development critical to an artist. This hole in the industry often leaves the artist guessing at strategic steps to take, direction to dedicate their energy, or how to move their project successfully forward. A developmental association with an established industry professional will allow the artist to cultivate resources, and gain knowledge of the music industry. It also provides support to establish a concise plan necessary to move the artist from to one level to the next. Need more info? Please visit the development page.

Brand Development
  • Who are you? It's all about how you sound...Right? Wrong. It’s important to consider how you are received and what image you put out to the world. Impressions are critical. Knowing how to get the best "you" out there is just another step in getting the music you create out to those you want to hear it. Brand recognition, media & merchandise is an extension of you. Plan it well & let it speak for you. 

Creative Media
  • All things media related for the artist.
  • PR and Marketing Materials: One Sheets, Sizzle Reels and EPKS 
  • Campaigns: Formulated social media & PR campaigns,
  • Monitoring Platforms: Content marketing and analysis for all relevant social media accounts, email, and web tracking.
  • Photography and video content creation
  • Graphic Services