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 What haven't you heard yet? There are so many talented artists that haven't quite broken through to the mainstream. Whether just on the verge, just tipped the scale, or totally untapped. This is the page for you. Rebel One is all about getting the music out there. So we are going to highlight some of the artists that are grinding it out and making their way.
tuned in. is a weekly music review from our man on the streets. (You know the imaginary, internet streets)
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A fresh honest perspective from a guy who lives music. He is always on the look out for new music, who is coming up and who is making waves. So give him a read, support an artist, watch a video or just hear some great tunes. Get tuned in.

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Sean McConnell 

Sean McConnell’s infatuation with music began at an early age when he would watch his parents perform on stage. Now, McConnell is out performing his own songs in various venues across the United States. His music doesn’t really have a genre, it’s just music that is good on the ears and soothes the soul. I first heard of him about four years ago, I was listening to a Brantley Gilbert cover of “Lie Baby Lie” and someone said, “If you think that’s good, you should listen to the songwriter.” So, I then looked…

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Nashville has been taken over by the “hop in my truck, let me take you down a back road” music for quite some time now. It’s rather refreshing to see a husband and wife making waves. That’s just what Allison and Zach Laughlin, of the duo Laughlin, are doing in Athens, Georgia. Having met on the campus of UGA, Zach and Allison began writing songs together when they first met and have been making music ever since.

I was introduced to this band about two weeks ago when a friend of mine posted a link on their…

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Brian Davis 

Brian Davis. Never heard of him? He’s a songwriter with lyrics that touch the heart and rock the soul. He’s out there playing his music and it’s beginning to take over. Not only does he have a great talent when it comes to writing songs, his voice is perfect for the music that he performs, it’s that “outlaw, yet soft spoken” voice.

I was first introduced to Brian Davis in 2011 at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. I was there for a Brantley Gilbert show, Brian was the opener and at the time, I had never…

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Mike Dekle 

It takes talent to write a song. It takes an even greater talent to tell a story so compelling it has the ability to touch someone down to their core. That is the hallmark of a great songwriter. 

Mike Dekle or Uncle Mike; to those enough lucky enough to know him, has this rare talent. Every song of his that I have listened to has kept me focused on the story and I haven’t found one yet that I haven’t liked.

In 1983, Kenny Rogers released a song written by Mike Dekle, “Scarlet Fever”. The song peaked at…

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Mitch Rossell 

These days there are a lot of artists trying to make their big break in Nashville. Some go and bust their butts playing in honkytonks downtown while others get on social media and post their music to YouTube and if someone happens to come across their music they both subscribe and continue to listen to the artist as they post videos week by week. Seven years ago, I came across a young man by the name of Mitch Rossell. At that time he was posting covers of Keith Urban, Eric Church and many other artists,…

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