Mitch Rossell

These days there are a lot of artists trying to make their big break in Nashville. Some go and bust their butts playing in honkytonks downtown while others get on social media and post their music to YouTube and if someone happens to come across their music they both subscribe and continue to listen to the artist as they post videos week by week. Seven years ago, I came across a young man by the name of Mitch Rossell. At that time he was posting covers of Keith Urban, Eric Church and many other artists, since those days, he has moved to Nashville and is doing shows downtown.

Rossell has released a handful of original songs including a tear jerker titled, A Soldier’s Memoir, a song about a soldier living his life after being released from the military and dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I never got the privilege of defending our nation, but I had multiple friends that did. When I hear this song, I instantly think about watching my best friend of 13 years, walk onto his base the night before he shipped off overseas and being there the day he stepped off the Osprey that brought him home. Then you have the fun, up-tempo songs like, Praying It Don’t Rain, that remind me of the teenage years in my hometown, doing whatever I could to remember a girls number that I got from the store. Rossell doesnt really stick to the Bro-Countrymold that you hear on the radio these days, hes more of a traditional country artist who, in my opinion, is comparable to the likes of Brad Paisley and an early version of Eric Church. He writes his own music, and writes from experiences in his life, and he has that ability to make you relive those moments that are most memorable to you. His most recent release, God, Girls and Footballleaves you with the smell of fresh cut grass, the wind blowing calmly with a slight chill in the air as you slip that helmet on for the first game of the season. But not only does this guy have the talent to make you relive your glory days from high school, he also can make you look at the woman in your life and tell her you love her. Perfectis a song makes you feel grateful for that special lady in your life, while she might not be perfect in everyone elses eyes, she is perfect to you and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Mitch Rossell has come a long way since posting covers of other artists on his YouTube channel, I look forward to hearing more from him as he continues to pursue his dream in the country music industry. You can purchase his debut album, I Got Dressed Up For Thison iTunes along with his other EPs and singles he has released over the years. Also you can Likehim on Facebook and keep up with his music and life on a daily basis as well as Followhim on Twitter. As always, don’t forget to Like” “Tuned Inon Facebook and Followus on Twitter as well, and you cant forget to Likeand FollowRebel One Entertainment as well. Stayed tuned in next week as we will be tuned into a prominent figure in the country music industry. Until next time, this is Ish asking you, Are You Tuned In?”