Nashville has been taken over by the hop in my truck, let me take you down a back roadmusic for quite some time now. Its rather refreshing to see a husband and wife making waves. Thats just what Allison and Zach Laughlin, of the duo Laughlin, are doing in Athens, Georgia. Having met on the campus of UGA, Zach and Allison began writing songs together when they first met and have been making music ever since.

I was introduced to this band about two weeks ago when a friend of mine posted a link on their Facebook page. She had asked me if I had heard any of their songs yet and I told her that I hadnt, but I quickly jumped over to their ReverbNation page and started listening. Boomerangwas the first one I listened to and straight from the beginning, the pair blew me away. Powerful lyrics matched with a melody just as strong, it is one of those tracks that can steal a moment and leave a memory that will never be erased.

You can hear the talent when the couple sings and can tell that they have amazing chemistry when it comes to performing and writing songs together. They remind me of Lady Antebellum, but I hear Nashville. Their sound has a pop feel to it, but it also has a country influence and their lyrics have substance compared to what I have heard in the mainstream. Its not about beer and trucks, its about being in love and sharing happy moments with that significant other in your life. Which is rather refreshing and makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

The second track that I listened to from this group was Summer Song, its about feeling that moment, reminiscing of a certain period in life that will never be forgotten. Theres something bout a summer song that makes you wanna sing along...” Catchy beat with even catchier lyrics makes this cut is one that has you feeling the vitamin D from the sun as you sit on the beach with a six-pack and a couple chairs.

Laughlin will be releasing their first CD "The Run Around" in May.
Go check their website, to get all the latest release info
 and tour dates.

I look forward to hearing what Laughlin puts out in the future, whether it be mainstream or on the independent circuit. Although judging by some of the gigs that they have had in the past (SXSW) and future dates (opening up for the Swon Brothers), it wont be long before you jamming to this dynamic duo on your local station. Go over to their Facebook page and check out if they are coming to a venue near you, because these are two artists that you want to keep your eyes on.

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