The Revolution of Levi

It began with a post. The Revolution Starts...

What the heck was The Revolution?

Tues. March 3rd we got our answer.

Levi Lowrey, will inevitably be described as a former Southern Ground Artist. History builds us. Hopefully it also enriches us, but perhaps if one were to hang a name on his back, it should be artist. One who creates. As with most innovative ideas, it took stepping off the worn path to look beyond what has been done and ask the question…What comes next? For Levi Lowrey, it is his “Revolution”. Partnering with his fans to create the distribution for his new album, My Crazy Head. Taking the grassroots concept in hand and blasting it into action. Music for the people, by the people. What better way to distribute than through those who believe in it? Who should profit by it more than the people who actually support it? As an investor, you take part in the responsibility of how and where the music is heard. For one simple reason… because you care. A pretty simple concept with tremendous potential to change the status quo. For Levi, changing the norm may not have been the intent in the beginning. Taking out the middle man along with the limitations and expectation of the traditional industry standard was most likely his mother of invention, a way to get the music into the hands of those he hopes will hear it. However, in choosing to partner a label deal with his fans, it is taking the relationship between music creator and music lover into a true one on one experience. Isn’t that is the way music should be?  Levi Lowrey is taking a risk, but a risk with the people who are, and who have been willing to step into uncharted territory with him. Where it goes, how far it goes, is between he and his partners. To me, that is the real revolution. March 10th it begins. I personally cannot wait to see how it grows.

Levi Lowrey has most definitely planted his F’it flag firmly into the ground, his own ground. No fear

Levi Lowrey. Artist. Innovator. Risk Taker. Revolutionary. Rebel…Be1.


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