Charlie Farley gets personal on his new acoustic Bonfire Sessions EP. The lead off video Bonfire Hero, is the true story of how Charlie came to Nashville. The Bonfire Sessions is available now on all digital media outlets. 

Bonfire Hero


Charlie Farley 

Charlie will be shooting the video for his new single Southern Summertime Feat. Daniel Lee. The filming will take place in Arkansas and Ga!

The Revolution of Levi 

It began with a post. The Revolution Starts...

What the heck was The Revolution?

Tues. March 3rd we got our answer.

Levi Lowrey, will inevitably be described as a former Southern Ground Artist. History builds us. Hopefully it also enriches us, but perhaps if one were to hang a name on his back, it should be artist. One who creates. As with most innovative ideas, it took stepping off the worn path to look beyond what has been done and ask the question…What comes next? For Levi Lowrey, it is his…

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CRS Week 

Need I say more? Scheduled BTW with Daniel Lee. Radio... here we come!