Brian Davis

Brian Davis. Never heard of him? He’s a songwriter with lyrics that touch the heart and rock the soul. He’s out there playing his music and it’s beginning to take over. Not only does he have a great talent when it comes to writing songs, his voice is perfect for the music that he performs, it’s that “outlaw, yet soft spoken” voice.

I was first introduced to Brian Davis in 2011 at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. I was there for a Brantley Gilbert show, Brian was the opener and at the time, I had never heard of him. So when he came on stage with just a guitar, I was a bit skeptical as to what I was about to hear. He started playing and some of the crowd started to sing along. “Cheap sunglasses and a ball cap backwards standing in the summer sun. Toes in the sand and a July tan, aw baby tell me what’s not to love.These are lyrics from his song “Summer Back” off of his record Pull Up A Tailgate. Another song that stuck out to me that night was a song that he wrote with Gilbert called, Hurt Like Hell Yeah, it’s definitely one of those party anthem songs about drinking and hanging with friends and getting into fights. It reminded me of my own drinking days and that famous line, “We are gonna have some fun tonight, but we’re gonna hurt like hell in the morning.

Davis penned another song with Gilbert titled, Lights Of My Hometown, a personal favorite that takes me back to a memory with one of my best friends. “How bout a flashlight on a grave stone, let your best friend know that he aint alone, go on a pop a top, pour a little out, just to let him know we’re still thinking about him...” With that line, Brian Davis and Brantley Gilbert brought one of my close friends back to life. It was like he was there with me belting out those lyrics and we drank the night away.

Not only does Brian Davis have a great sound, but he takes time out to get to know his fans. His “Meet and Drink”, a special event where you and a few others get to go on his tour bus and have drinks with him as he plays 5 or 6 songs, something that very few artists do. When you take the time out to get involved with the fans and they can see you appreciate them being there, it makes you grow as an artist. As a fan it helps ME get to know that artist that much more.

Brian Davis is definitely someone that everybody should take the time out to listen to. Not only does he put on a heck of a show, but he has a song for every moment in your life. Whether it’s flying down a back road with your high school sweet heart, or it’s remembering one of your best friends who has passed away, Davis has a song for it, and that’s why we listen to songs right? To relive moments all over again.
Haven't heard of him yet? Give it some time, with talent like his...that will no longer be a question.

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