No Fear Friday. The F'it Flag flies high and proud. This is about belief. Assurance that no matter the odds, obstacles, or how far the goal may be... it will be reached. A group of strangers that comes together, to work together to build a dream into something real. Dream building is monumental. It takes determination, energy, dedication. A small group that grows to many. Strangers that become family. It no longer becomes a goal for someone else, but a goal for everyone. An artist cannot thrive without passion for creation. If you are lucky enough, you may find that someone appreciates your passion. If you are blessed you find a group that believe in you, more than that, they believe in themselves. When the two come together, nothing is impossible. There is no question of maybe, only when. This group says bring on anything, F'it! we got your back. So today's F'it flag is held high by TDST. The group that stands beside Daniel Lee and The DLB. That Damn Street Team.

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