Queen of the Mud

Here is someone who volunteered to step from behind the curtain to share the story of how she went from a “normal” job, to building one of the fastest growing multi media blogging outlets. That’s pretty major, right? Actually she leapt into an industry she had no prior knowledge of because it was an opportunity to reach beyond what she was satisfied with. I call that mountain moving with a spoon. So here is Ashley’s story, F’it flag firmly planted in the mud. 

"I've never been afraid of a challenge, and about a year ago I was presented with one of my biggest challenges in life yet. To jump in to an unknown world and, "figure it out." The mud world. A foreign concept to me. I mean, I had ridden 4-wheelers and hit a few mud puddles in my SUV but that was it. "Figure it out," hmmm. Where do I start. Google... That's where you start. Find the key influencers in the mudding network and pick their brains. That's just what I did and that one or two people turned in to six, then 15, then before I knew it I knew hundreds of mud people. I knew the difference between a mud and a race truck, a mud puddle and a bounty hole. I had been accepted. People actually liked me and wanted to help and that was a good feeling. Every day I learn something. I continue to grow my knowledge and network of contacts and have become quite the social media, blogging machine. I love it. I stepped in to something new, I stepped away from my box, I wasn't afraid, I wasn't intimidated, I was intrigued, I wanted more. This year, has been one of the best years of my career and I have a ton of awesome people to thank for that. So... Step out of your comfort zone and reach for those goals, even when then are so far from what you know. Take a chance, but don't take that chance half-heartedly. Be passionate and always give 100%"

You can find Ashley at RedMile Media, Mega Truck Series, and Wheels Deep.

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